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200m² Mikrozement Bodenbeschichtung Komplett Set. ,


Basic price €2,280 = M² price = €11.40

“Life” microcement is an ultra-thin building material, which consists of high-quality cement and resin. When mixed, it can be used on floors, walls or furniture, often as decoration. The Béton ciré is available with a finish in either a matt, satin or gloss finish. More info in the description .

! Additional individual products: primers, sealants, thinners, retarders , etc. –  what is the best primer? / sealing?

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You will receive ready-to-use KITs of the most important products for the coatings in the desired number of m².

You will receive 20 KIT. Each KIT includes: 

BestFloor LIVE is ideal for interior coatings, both for dry and wet areas, as well as for areas with high pedestrian traffic. It is characterized by a smooth consistency, high durability and very good adhesion to the substrate.

BestFloor LIVE leaves a velvety and smooth surface with a fine and subtle microcement texture.

BestFloor und Wand Versiegelungen

Matt, Seidenmatt

BestFloor KIT´s Farbtöne, Wand und Boden

Basalt, Bronze, Bubbelgum, Colorado, Graphite, Grau, Grey Pyrite, Jeans, July Beige, Light grey, Lilac, Misty Fog, Natural, Pastel Black, Pastel Teal, Rose, Rose Beige, Warm Beige, White


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